TWELVE is an online competition and movement, trying to capture the lives of creatives in the COVID-crisis. We are collecting films that sum up in a minute what the lockdown creates, how creativity survives and how normal life will slowly come back.

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Lelanie is a freelance filmmaker in South Africa, she has been editing and shooting for over 7 years. Specializing in alternative and creative projects she has been awarded multiple awards for her work throughout the years.

Ambient Films

Yoga by @cz.endre and @cs___zs

Racz Endre is an actor based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He mostly performs in theatre performances,with experience in cinema and contact-improvisation performance. Csepei Zsolt is an actor, but when it comes to build up a performance, he prefers to be involved in the whole creation pocess, especially in writing and creative technical stuff.

How COVID’s changed living and working in cities

Why the pandemic could see new ways of living in cities

Rediscovery by @gladys420gl

After the lockdown things that once seemed dull, rancid or seedy, are being rediscovered and valued again.

Mom and Dad at the Same Time by @official_storychef

When your family can't be together because of the lockdown and you become mom and dad at the same time.

Essential Connection by Rishande van der Merwe

During the world pandemic, human connection starts to take on a different meaning. We are forced to adapt to a new norm. Connection via technology will now be the new way of primary interaction.

Making Space by @ponjovst

A young girl's exploration of how she and her big family have stayed sane during lockdown by connecting to the outside world in different ways to maintain their own space, ultimately strengthening their bond as a family.

Another Kind of Connection by @marianonesci

84 days in lockdown in Beunos Aires. How to deal with this new reality when connection is not so easy anymore.

Long Distance by @theonlyalsex

A short film about new ways to be creative with familiar things.

Box by @direbaba

@direbaba is a Nigerian filmmaker/artist.

Qurantine Birthday by @eliasbkstyle

Elias is a video editor and videographer based in Beirut, Lebanon; to check his work visit his YouTube channel: eliasbkstyle, and to contact him email him at bkstyle@yahoo.com or direct message him on Instagram: @eliasbkstyle