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This neural network predicts the future

This billboard answers your questions about what's coming next

In a remote New Zealand landscape, you'll find a billboard with impressive tech: Powered by a neural network, it answers your questions about the future.

A glimpse into the future

The future is unknown, and full of questions: How will technology change us? How can we make our future more secure? Kaspersky has launched Safer Tomorrow with a feature that might help answer humankind's greatest questions. With answers powered by a neural network, selected questions will be livestreamed on the billboard from the east coast of New Zealand. The easterly site was chosen as it's one of the places on Earth that experiences the new day first.

Get answers about tomorrow's big questions and watch the billboard live from one of the world's most forwarded time zones on Safer Tomorrow.

Create Tomorrow

4 Star Wars-inspired films for May the 4th

Lives today are linked to the world of Star Wars more than many realize

Today is Star Wars Day! What better way to celebrate the iconic movies than by checking out these 4 documentaries that show how Star Wars technology is becoming a daily reality. These short films explore the amazing possibilities of this moment in robotics, cryonics and human augmentation.

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Gamers against the clock: Speedrunning esports

Ultra-fast gaming and the sports of tomorrow, with Break the Record's Fredrik Lidholt

Completing a game more quickly than opponents is the goal of the esport of speedrunning. It could be Super Mario, Doom or any other game. This week we'll see which elite players can break the speed record playing Minecraft.

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