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AI won’t steal all our jobs – tech entrepreneurs predict something different.

With COVID-19, businesses have changed fast, but leaders see bigger changes coming.

Entrepreneurs in cutting-edge tech don't believe AI, robots and automation will replace all human jobs, leaving us nothing to do. A new two-part video series, The Future That Works, looks at how work is about to change beyond recognition.

Forcing an economic rethink

As automation changes the workplace, ever-increasing output is leading us to another crisis. Technology entrepreneurs argue we must make fundamental changes in why businesses exist and how economies work to reduce the inequality that threatens to destabilize society.

Watch the film to explore how experts including Aaron Dignan (Founder, The Ready), Katz Kiely (Founder, Beep) and Theo Saville (CEO, CloudNC) are imaging a future that works.

Every year, the first Friday of March is Employee Appreciation Day. Here are five TED Talks that will boost gratitude and morale at work:

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Create Tomorrow

The next industrial revolution looks promising

Smart factories could fight climate change and save lives

When COVID-19 hit, manufacturers worldwide raced to build as many ventilators as possible for patients. But traditional factories throughout the globe couldn't fulfill the demand fast enough. With traditional and automated manufacturing processes still not as efficient as we need, could autonomous factories be the next industrial revolution we've been waiting for?

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