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Five of the most insightful COVID-19 documentaries

Videos we like: Documentaries on how COVID-19 changed our world

How much will our lives change after COVID-19? We look at five of the most powerful documentaries made during the pandemic.

How did filmmakers see COVID-19?

The global community meets an invisible enemy, and must race against the clock to save humanity – COVID-19 is a compelling story. How was it seen by filmmakers around the world? These five must-see documentaries from creatives worldwide exploring different sides of the pandemic.

76 Days (above)

Directed by Hao Wu and Weixi Chen


What was Wuhan like in the pandemic's early days? Wonder no more. This acclaimed documentary is a poignant snapshot of struggle and resilience in the battle to survive the coronavirus.

Watch the full 76 Days documentary

hacker:HUNTER Ha(ck)c1ne

Directed by Didi Mae Hand


The pandemic stretched hospital resources more than ever. Among the first to take advantage of the struggle was a wave of deadly hackers. Follow as the healthcare system fights the virus on two fronts.

Part of a series commissioned by Tomorrow Unlocked.


Coronation from Ai Weiwei Films on Vimeo.

Directed by Ai WeiWei


Each country responded differently to the outbreak. China's was one of military and extreme efficiency. But what impact did that response have on their people? Behind the scenes of China's battle against a silent killer, directed by acclaimed artist Ai WeiWei.

Eight countries, one global pandemic

Directed by Great Big Story


This heartwarming documentary follows eight households from across the globe every day through the pandemic, to see how different families coped with lockdown.

The Curve

THE CURVE | Full Movie | COVID-19 Documentary Thriller from Oscar®-Nominee Adam Benzine from Jet Black Iris on Vimeo.

Directed by Adam Benzine


The Trump administration's response to COVID-19 receives an insightful, highly emotional look from Academy Award-nominated director Adam Benzine.

It wasn't just professionals capturing the pandemic through a lens. During lockdown, we asked creatives worldwide to capture one hour from their pandemic experience. Watch the playlist we made from these moments – TWELVE.

What have we missed? Share your pick of COVID-19 documentaries with us on Facebook and Twitter, or let us know which of these you found most insightful.

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