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Human augmentation: Wonderful and unusual stories

Videos we like: Best human augmentation stories

Human augmentation means altering the human body, for medical, disability or any other reason. Think bionic eyes or Wi-Fi legs. These stories of human augmentation feature the most impressive cyber upgrades you could ever want. Welcome to the future.

Where are the best human augmentation stories?

We love a good human augmentation story at Tomorrow Unlocked. From bionic eyes to Wi-Fi legs, we've picked our favorite cyborg videos from across the web. Which cyber upgrade would you want?

Viva la bionic revolution

Bionics isn't just about prosthetic limbs – we can use our thoughts to communicate with computers.

Eight cyber upgrades you might consider

Thinking about augmenting yourself? These cyber upgrades are essential viewing for future bionic folks.

For more on human augmentation, our Imagine Beyond series covers the latest and most incredible advancements – but it's not for the faint-hearted. Check out Imagine Beyond episode 3: The mind.

Can you hear color? You can now

Neil Harbisson was born color blind. Now, with the help of this cyber upgrade, he hears colors through bone conduction.

Store data in your leg

Store data, stream music and power a Wi-Fi hotspot through this 512Gb leg implant. Want one?

Bionic arms for those with disabilities, cyber upgrades to experiment with biology's boundaries, even augmentation for athletics – it's clear this technology could play a big part in our future. But what do the augmented think? Watch our recent Tomorrow Unlocked human augmentation live event.

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Five best sci-fi TV shows predicting tech’s future

Videos we love: Five amazing sci-fi shows that predict the future of tech

Technology could go anywhere in future. We ask you, which of these five sci-fi on-demand TV shows predicts it best?

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Five of the most insightful COVID-19 documentaries

Videos we like: Documentaries on how COVID-19 changed our world

How much will our lives change after COVID-19? We look at five of the most powerful documentaries made during the pandemic.

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