Looking for the best ocean-themed documentaries on the planet? For World Ocean Day, we’ve fished up these hard-hitting, inspiring and beautiful portrayals of the deep blue sea.

Oceans make up 96.5 percent of the world’s water

A habitat vital for human survival as much as for the life that calls the sea home, humanity is fast waking up to the need to protect the deep blue. If you can’t get outside to enjoy the sight of the deep blue this World Ocean Day, do the next best thing and see these top ocean-themed documentaries.

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Mission Blue


About ocean preservation

On Netflix

Directed by Fisher Stevens and Robert Nixon

Get to know the ground-breaking work of oceanographer and National Geographic explorer-in-residence Dr Sylvia Earle, whose water work in Mission Blue will make you well up.

Chasing Coral


About coral reefs

On Netflix

Directed by Jeff Orlowski

Under the sea” sang Sebastian the crab among animated friends and coral reefs. Fast forward to today and he and his friends might not be so impressed at the rapid disappearance of coral from across the globe. In Chasing Coral, divers, photographers and scientists start an epic adventure to reveal the reasons for coral depletion.

Blue Planet II


About ocean biodiversity

On Amazon Prime

Directed by Various, on behalf of BBC

No documentary list would be complete without the legend Sir David Attenborough. Dive into an endless stream of arresting, awe-inspiring ocean footage, emperor penguins and unusual species.

Sharkwater Extinction


About shark finning

On Amazon Prime

Directed by Rob Stewart

Shark finning might not be as notorious as plastic pollution or biodiversity loss, but it’s gravely damaging the ocean. Explore the billion-dollar shark fin industry in this exposé of political corruption at sea.

The Cove


About dolphin preservation

On YouTube

Directed by Louie Psihoyos

What happens when an activist and filmmaker team up with a preservation society to expose one of Japan’s most gruesome secrets? The Cove won a Best Documentary Oscar.



About overfishing

On Netflix

Directed by Ali Tabrizi

You’ll have heard talk of this documentary during the pandemic. Seaspiracy will change the way you look at the ocean, its inhabitants and everything it produces. Not for the faint-hearted.

A Plastic Ocean


About plastic pollution

On Netflix

Directed by Craig Leeson

Winning dozen awards, A Plastic Ocean raised the alarm about the growing threat of plastic polluting the oceans. Shot in 20 locations over four years, this is a hard-hitting exploration of plastic’s impact on the seas.



About orca captivity

On Netflix

Directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite

Following the story of captive orca Tilikum who killed three people, Blackfish is the shocking story of the devastation caused by keeping wild animals for entertainment.

My Octopus Teacher (above)


About octopi

On Netflix

Directed by Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed

The result of a human-octopus friendship, this heart-warming documentary looks at cross-species connection below the surface. Tissues at the ready.

Did we miss any great ocean-themed documentaries?

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