August 21: World Geocaching Day. The perfect opportunity to celebrate this relatively new high-tech sport and some of the beautiful locations you can explore while hunting for treasure. Grab your GPS and join us on a journey around the world as we showcase some of the best geocaching sites on Earth.

1. Oregon, United States

This is where it all began. On May 3, 2000, a five-gallon bucket was placed at this spot by Dave Ulmer, a GPS enthusiast. He wanted to test the accuracy of GPS by hiding a navigational target in the woods. The original cache container was damaged but many recognized the importance of the event and dedicated an Original Stash Tribute Plaque on behalf of cachers everywhere.


Difficulty: 1

Terrain: 1.5

2. Ojamo Mine, Finland

An abandoned mine sounds like an interesting place for a geocache. Or a horror movie. But the Ojamo mine in southern Finland is more than that. It’s completely submerged in water and still contains tracks, elevators, tools, test samples and drilling equipment systems. Don’t go in alone.

GC Code: GC4Q81K

Difficulty: 5

Terrain: 5

3. Norfolk Broads, England

A definite cache for the detectives among us. There is no direct route to this geocache on land, it can only be reached by a shallow-draft boat or kayak. To make it even harder, the coordinates are NOT those of the cache, just the general area. To get the main cache you first have to reach four ‘virtual’ caches, each providing 1 number of the final coordinates (A, B, C or D.)

GC Code: GCD182

Difficulty: 4

Terrain: 4

4. Cape Nosappu, Japan

Cape Nosappu is the easternmost point of the Hokkaidō, Japan, and the most easterly point in Japan which is open to the public. Here you’ll find the Cape Nosappu Lighthouse which is the oldest in Hokkaido, built in 1872. The cache is around the lighthouse. Experienced geocachers say the most important gadget you can bring on this trip is a pen!

GC Code: GC3KJW5

Difficulty: 1.5

Terrain: 1.5

5. Ayung River, Bali, Indonesia

Take your treasure hunt to the next level with a stunning walk in the beautiful valley of the holy river. The Ayung River is the longest river on the Indonesian island of Bali. As well as holding geocaching treasure it’s also a white water rafting hotspot, making this a trip with potential for plenty of thrills and spills.

GC Code: GC4HJ0K

Difficulty: 2

Terrain: 3

6. Berlin, Germany

You will not find the cache at the given coordinates, but the place of residence of a man who was wanted by law enforcement until his death. He was not only a geodesist (someone who computes geodetic distances) but also the founder of an international organization that, among other things, ensured we can now clearly “address” caches worldwide.

GC Code: GCM6B5

Difficulty: 3

Terrain: 2

7. Leinster, Ireland

In June 2000, geocaching reached Europe in the form of a plastic container hidden along the Irish coastline. It was only one month after the world’s first geocache was placed in the US, so this site is included in our rundown as the first known geocache site in Europe. Sup a Guinness and enjoy the craic while you search for your bounty among the beautifully rugged Irish landscape.

GC Code: GC43

Difficulty: 1.5

Terrain: 3

That’s our pick. Why not share your favourite Geocaching spot?