Russian Film Week is back in London cinemas for 8 days from November 28 – December 5 2021, the annual film festival features the best films produced in Russia or Russia-themed films produced globally. Tomorrow Unlocked Film Festival Finalist Cheat sheet for the princess by Vladimir Bukharov will be screened on Thursday, December 2. To celebrate, check out our favorite films about how technology influences our lives from Russia and beyond.

Cheat sheet for the princess

When an agent introduces his latest star to a film producer, things end bloody. But do they?

Terra Cene

Terra Cene is a remembrance of things past and an observation of the interconnected nature of our time on Earth. Winner, Tomorrow Unlocked Film Festival 2021.  

hacker:HUNTER – Wannacry: The Marcus Hutchins Story

In May 2017, computers around the world suddenly shut down. A malware called WannaCry asks for a ransom. The attack stops when researcher Marcus Hutchins finds the killswitch. What happens next for Marcus has to be seen to be believed.

Defenders of Digital – Inherited bias: The trouble with algorithms

These lawyers from Athens explains the dangers of today’s content moderation systems and explores how discrimination can occur when algorithms inherit the biases of their programmers.

hacker:HUNTER – Cashing In

ATMs hold cash, and that makes them attractive for criminals. While criminals around the world try to get to the money in cash machines with hammers, explosives, excavators, or other heavy gear, the Carbanak gang found a more elegant and stealthy way. 

Defenders of Digital – Fighting every day to keep children safe from exploitation

Susie Hargreaves and her team at the Internet Watch Foundation hunt down child abuse images online and help identify children involved so that law enforcement can intervene.

Visit the Russian Film Week website to see the complete film program along with details of exhibitions, talks, masterclasses, and other special events.

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