You think hackers are mysterious people living in the shadows? Freethink's Coded series will change your mind!

Venezuela’s failed cryptocurrency experiment

Fighting hyperinflation with a state-backed cryptocurrency. What could possibly go wrong?

What happens when an authoritarian regime that controls every aspect of an economy creates a currency based on decentralization, free movement, and transparency? This is the explosive true story behind the world's first state-backed cryptocurrency.

A country-wide crypto experiment gone wrong

How many state governments do you know who'd put their faith in a cryptocurrency to level out hyperinflation and stop nation-wide riots? Not many, probably. And yet, that's exactly what Venezuala did to reinvigorate its economy amid financial carnage. Truthfully though, they didn't do too many of the hard yards. Instead, they supported entrepreneur Gabriel Jimenez to create the petro (₽), or petromoneda – the world's first state-backed cryptocurrency.

But as you can expect, when an authoritarian regime meets tech based on decentralization, there will be fireworks. As part of Tomorrow Unlocked's Coded series three, (now launching on Freethink) episode four focuses on entrepreneur and crypto-expert Gabriel Jimenez's journey from national hero to enemy of the state. Brace yourself for this one.


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There are security problems in space - and they can spell disaster

Every time you use your phone, GPS or a connected device you're dialling up a satellite. And yet many orbiting satellites are protected by cybersecurity tech from the 1990s. This leaves the systems and sensitive data vulnerable to hacking, with dangerous consequences.

In partnership with Freethink, season 3 of Coded explores the latest trends in hacking. In episode 4 we meet a young scholar who hacked a satellite with $300 of TV equipment. And we visit one of the teams from 2020's Hack-a-Sat competition who are helping the government to identify and close security gaps in the thousands of satellites orbiting the earth.

No right to repair?

If you bought something, you can repair it, right? It's not that easy.

The other week, my car was at a technical check. It is a hybrid and they wanted to analyze the exhaust fumes. Yet, the car doesn't start the combustion engine before it reaches a certain speed - the software says so. It was quite entertaining watching them get more and more upset with my car - yet after 10 minutes they found what they had to do to let the software know that it needs to start the "dirty engine".