A collective of Nigerian teenagers called The Critics is making waves across the world. They make their groundbreaking movies using recycled smartphones and things they’ve learned in online tutorials.

Their recent short Z: THE BEGINNING went viral, catching global film heavyweight attention with its creativity and homemade special effects.

Tomorrow Unlocked is among the first brands to have commissioned The Critics to make a new film, The Click, written and directed by Godwin Gaza Josiah.

The Click: Plot Summary

Mel, played by Esther Ukata, lives with her sick mother and works a repetitive job, all the while investigating her father’s mysterious disappearance.

When an old acquaintance offers Mel a lucrative job hacking elite cybercrime gang The Click, she’s reluctant to get involved. But when her mother’s condition worsens, stress gets the better of Mel and she takes the job.

Remembering skills she learned from her father, Mel succeeds in breaking through the gang’s defenses. But they won’t take this lying down. Will Mel find out what happened to her father?

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