This International Women’s Day, we celebrate the makers, creators and doers working to close tech’s gender gap. Sure, the industry has a long way to go, but these women’s success shows we’re making progress. Essential reading if you’re looking at a career in the industry.

International Women’s Day – your inspiration for a career in cybersecurity

Are you thinking about a career in cybersecurity but put off by the lack of women in the industry? There’s good news: the tides are changing. What was a male-dominated industry is transforming – slowly but surely. We’re celebrating the women who’ve made it.

The numbers behind tech’s shrinking gender gap

Diversity benefits our teams, yet encouraging more women to join is a constant challenge in the tech industry. Now is the time for change. Kaspersky’s Women in Tech report found 57 percent agree there are now more women in IT and tech roles than two years ago. Plus, one in two believe that remote working has improved gender equality. This might seem like slow progress, but it’s a positive sign for championing women in cybersecurity. And these trailblazers are leading the way.

Theresa Payton: The first female to serve as White House Chief Information Officer (CIO)

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How many people can say that? Formerly of the White House, Theresa is CEO of Fortalice – a cybersecurity firm specializing in protecting small-to-medium-sized businesses and a team member on the CBS reality TV show Hunted. Here’s her view on what it’s like being a woman working in cybersecurity.

Katie Moussouris: The pink-haired, white-hat hacker

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Katie’s been programming computers since she was eight. Since then, she’s helped Microsoft develop its Bug Bounty program, developed Hack the Pentagon for the US Department of Defence and founded a cybersecurity agency, Luta Security. So what’s the secret behind her success?

Eva Galperin: The Outrage Fairy defending digital privacy

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Eva set up the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a collection of technologists and activists to defend free speech online and fight illegal surveillance. Now she’s a leading voice in the fight against stalkerware. Meet Eva in Tomorrow Unlocked series Defenders of Digital.

Dr. Magda Chelley: The award-winning cyber entrepreneur

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Magda is a top international cybersecurity influencer. Global leader of the year at the Women in IT Awards 2017, Founder of Woman in Cyber group, and works with numerous non-profit focus groups. If that wasn’t enough, she leads her own company, Responsible Cyber. But what makes her tick?

Shira Rubinoff: Not-your-average cybersecurity influencer

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Cybersecurity expert, influencer and font of cyber knowledge – Shira Rubinoff is President of SecureMySocial. Here she breaks down the importance of cybersecurity training.

Tyler Cohen Wood: 20 years’ fighting cyberthreats for the US government

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Tyler is a globally-recognized cyber-authority. She’s spent time developing cybersecurity initiatives for the White House, Department of Defence and the Defense Intelligence Agency (as their Cyber Deputy Chief.) Here she talks about the cyber-apocalypse.

Jane Frankland: Cyber entrepreneur and best-selling author

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Security entrepreneur and author of In Security: Why a Failure to Attract and Retain Women in Cybersecurity is Making Us All Less Safe – Jane Frankland is empowering more women to become cybersecurity leaders in company boardrooms worldwide. Here she talks about Industry 4.0.

Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE: Training girls for jobs in cyber

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Tech speaker and author, Anne-Marie, CEO of training organization Stemettes, is leading the wave by encouraging girls and young women to pursue cyber careers. Read an interview with Anne-Marie in Secure Futures by Kaspersky magazine.

This is just a tiny snapshot of the incredible women helping to close tech’s gender gap globally. Here are a few more women to get on your radar.

Lesley Carhart: Principal Threat Analyst at Dragos, with two decades of threat hunting experience. She was named “Top Woman in Cybersecurity” in 2017.

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Noushin Shabab: Senior Security Researcher at Kaspersky who’s helping to connect, support and inspire women in security across Australia through the Australian Women in Security Network.

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Parisa Tabriz: The self-styled “Security Princess” running Google’s security testing labs.

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And not forgetting…

Rebecca Base: ‘A maverick and a catalyst for women in cybersecurity,’ widely respected as a security technology pioneer, known for her valued role as a mentor to young people and young companies in cyber. Rebecca is no longer with us, but her legacy remains.

Looking for more inspiration on how women are overcoming gender biases in tech and cybersecurity? Explore Kaspersky’s Empower Women project.