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Five digital defenders, one goal: Protecting us every day

The Defenders of Digital video series profiles tech experts who guard the digital world. We'll soon launch season two, but for now, these are the five people whose stories started it all. They're critical to our future: they make our digital world safe, free, open and functional. Who are they, and what motivates them?

Episode 1: Eva Galperin returns victims’ privacy

Eva Galperin was outraged by a hacker who abused women then threatened to compromise their devices if they spoke out. She has since become the most powerful voice in the fight against stalkerware, and in doing so, helped thousands of victims get their privacy back.

Episode 2: Einar Otto Stangvik identifies photo thieves

Security specialist Einar Otto Stangvik wanted to use his programming skills to do more than make money. He developed software to identify hackers stealing and sharing private photos from iCloud backups. One hacker turned out to be a prominent public figure.

Now Stangvik is onto an even more ambitious project that will help vulnerable children.

Episode 3: Salvi Pascual uncensors the internet for Cubans

Salvi Pascual knows the heavily censored Cuban media and internet well. When he moved to the US, friends started asking him to send them online content they wanted. It turned into a business, but getting around government controls had Pascual's team always on their toes. Soon, they'd developed a solution that's uncensored the internet for thousands of Cubans.

Episode 4: Giorgio Patrini finds fakes for humanity

Giorgio Patrini is fighting back against the constant threat of fake news.

'Deepfakes' is the disturbing phenomenon of videos or audio that use AI-based algorithms to substitute one person for another. Nearly indistinguishable from the real thing, they're used to harass, blackmail and commit fraud. But Patrini knew when technology creates a problem, it can also create a solution.

Episode 5: Kira Rakova gives us back privacy control

Kira Rakova believes our digital footprint is like a private journal. A breach of private online information is like publishing someone's diary without their consent. While there is increasing concern over personal data being used to manipulate and defraud, not everyone understands the risks and what they can do about them.

That's where Rakova and her team come in. They use privacy auditing to help people regain control of their data.

Watch out for Defenders of Digital series two

You've seen the first series of Defenders of Digital. Soon, we'll bring you a new series with changemakers from around the globe.

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