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The Rise of the Drones

How technology made From Kurils With Love possible

So the production crew started thinking if there was a way that we could address this feedback – especially knowing that there were terabytes of video footage that didn't make it into the main documentary. And, the obvious "side-topic" to explore was the role of technology and data in making a project like FKWL reality.

During the #fromkurilswithlove expedition there was one major factor that the expedition team quickly realized was essential. Not only in order to bring back the epic and cinematic views that are featured in the main documentary – but also for the important scientific research and data collection that makes any conservation efforts possible.

Without accessible technology or reliable data neither would have been possible.

'FKWL: the rise of the drones' is the first behind the scenes (BTS) story of two that we're releasing in direct connection with the main story. It looks at some of the technology and data collection that was used, the challenges that came with it in a remote region like the Kurils, and the amazing opportunities it brings… when it works.

Director Taylor Rees and Director of Photography Renan Ozturk have dug deep in the video archives, narrated and edited an entertaining and insightful short story that will allow online audiences to revisit the Kurils and learn more about what made the expedition possible.

Drones and drone failures, high end camera gear, low end camera gear, the role of social media in storytelling, shaky satellite Internet connections and high volume data storage are the real heroes in this follow up piece. All brought to live by the cast of the original documentary, and accompanied by more and previously not seen stunning nature scenes.

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