Shooting instructions for the pandemic

We would really prefer to send you a camera team, but these times demand different solutions. So, here an introduction and some instructions for the lockdown-shoot.

General instructions/tips

For an ideal film, we need something called ‘cutaways’. These are little video snippets that we can cut in, which are not direct interview scenes. So, if there is any way that you could use the GoPro camera we sent you, to film a few scenes of yourself working on the computer, walking through your flat, typing on your phone or being in a phone conversation, that helps us a lot. If not possible, don’t worry.

The more cameras the better. When interviewing you, we’d preferably film that from different angles. We are sure you have a camera on your computer and we sent you a GoPro. The GoPro comes with a stand and can be placed on your desk or wherever you want to be interviewed. It has a little screen on the back so you can control the picture. At the same time, it would be great if you could use your computer as a second camera. In Windows 10, just type ‘Camera’ in your search bar and open the app. On a Mac, follow these instructions: Please record audio there, too. If you have a podcast microphone or so, please use it with the computer recording.

The GoPro

The package we sent you contains a GoPro with a stand and a light.

You can switch the GoPro on with the power button on the side. Then just arrange it, check that you are happy with the picture and push the button on top to start the recording.

The light can help if the lighting in your room is not great. Basically, we want to avoid shadows on your face and the wall behind you. It is difficult to tell you exactly what to do with it without being there, but if you think it might be too dark at your shooting location, use the light. Ideally, place the light above the camera.

The shoot

We will connect to you via Whatsapp video chat. Place your phone on the desk, best in a way that you will not directly look into any of the other cameras. We will ask you to clap in your hands from time to time, please do that, it will help us align sounds and footage from both cameras. Besides that it is only a conversation, so don’t worry.

The data

When done, please send the GoPro back as it is. We will take the data from the card.

For the computer recording,please use this to transfer to us:

Thank you so much for your understanding and your support!

The Tomorrow Unlocked Team!