The Defenders of Digital

The threats to our digital world are real and they are happening every day all around the globe. Unchecked, digital will spiral into a dark and dangerous place. But there are people fighting back to protect everything we all rely upon to survive...

"Having access to someone's phone is the next best thing to having access to their mind..."

This is
Eva Galperin

Also known as the Outrage Fairy.

Eva is the Director of Cyber Security at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

We listened as she passionately shared some hard-hitting stories about Stalkerware. The threat it poses can impact anyone.

Quick Facts


Stalkerware / Spouseware


San Francisco, USA


Aerial circus arts

One line:

"I've got a game plan, I'm going to fight"

The threat is real and everyone needs to know about it.

Spouseware & Stalkerware: Where Do We Go from Here?

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