The Defenders of Digital

The threats to our digital world are real and they are happening every day all around the globe. Unchecked, digital will spiral into a dark and dangerous place. But there are people fighting back to protect everything we all rely upon to survive...

"How can a small fishing village be cricitical to the Defenders of Digital?"

We launch the series in a
small UK village - but why?

Mevagissey - critical to the digital world.

This picturesque fishing village holds a little known secret.

Without Mevagissey, and its surrounding beaches, the digital world would not be as we know it. How can this be the case? Watch our film and find out...

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Cornwall, UK






Bronze age

Mevagissey holds a digital secret and we're going to tell it to you!

"Having access to someone's phone is the next best thing to having access to their mind..."

This is
Eva Galperin

Also known as the Outrage Fairy.

Eva is the Director of Cyber Security at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

We listened as she passionately shared some hard-hitting stories about Stalkerware. The threat it poses can impact anyone.

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Stalkerware / Spouseware


San Francisco, USA


Aerial circus arts

One line:

"I've got a game plan, I'm going to fight"

The threat is real and everyone needs to know about it.

Spouseware & Stalkerware: Where Do We Go from Here?

"They stole her iCloud photo backup and she was heartbroken"

This is
Einar Otto Stangvik

Einar is a researcher, journalist and security specialist.

As a programmer, he was disillusioned with the work he was doing so searched for something more meaningful to do with his skills.

It started with simply reading some articles about iCloud hacking which in time led to him exposing the largest portal of child abuse material on the dark web.

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Online abuse


Oslo, Norway


Epic photography

One line:

"I just bite on and stay on"

Watch Einar's full story and find out who the iCloud hacker was!

"We will always challenge government censorship in Cuba"

This is
Salvi Pascual

Salvi is the founder of ApreTaste, a non-profit organisation based in Miami.

While growing up in Cuba, Salvi only had 2 sources of information. Moving to the USA showed him how restricted access to digital was in Cuba - both by the government and financially.

ApreTaste allows Cubans to access digital resources at an affordable price and without government interference. With the ApreTaste app, Salvi helps keep digital open and uncensored for hundreds of thousands of people.

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State run censorship


Miami, USA


Playing pool

One line:

"Little by little, things will change

Salvi’s story: see how the Cuban government went after him.

"If something is in a video, that doesn’t mean it actually happened..."

This is
Giorgio Patrini

Giorgio is founder and CEO at DeepTrace

Deepfake technology uses AI to completely swap the face and voice of a person with someone else’s to create synthetic videos that look just like the real thing.

There are thousands of synthetic videos on the internet and most of the victims are women who suffer harassment, embarrassment or even blackmail. In the face of this growing threat, Giorgio is fighting back for all of us.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


Travelling and exploring

One line:

“This really scares me”

Giorgio's story: Face-swapping is just the start...

The Shining Deepfake: Jim Carey & Jack Nicholson.

"2 in 3 people don’t know all the places their data is stored online."

This is
Kira Rakova

She's part of the Privacy Audit team

While many people are aware of why they should safeguard their digital privacy, they don’t always have the ability to protect themselves. Kira’s organisation provides tools & education to help people take back control of their data online.

Digital privacy is an ongoing issue in our world. Thanks to Kira and her team, looking after our own data is becoming a lot easier.

Kira's story: It's not just about hiding online.

Here's how Privacy Audit help tackle things.