Put on your balaclava and gloves, and tell your partner you’ll be busy for an hour. You’re about to step inside history’s biggest cyber bank heist.

Go behind the scenes of the biggest cyber heist in history

The Carbanak cybergang once hacked an ATM and forced it to spit all its money out. Instead of trying to physically break into cash machines, Carbanak found a more elegant, stealthy approach.

They hacked into bank networks, learned how the machines worked, then triggered them to spill all the money. They’d swoop past and pick it all up – until they got caught.

Why are we telling you about cash machine attacks?

The new interactive version of our film about the Carbanak ATM attacks, Cashing In, lets you take part in a cyber bank heist. What would you change if you were the plan’s mastermind? Tell us your ideas on Twitter and Facebook.

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