Jeff Kerby is an ecologist and photographer. His work spans the Arctic to the mountains of East Africa, exploring species interactions in extreme environments. Currently a fellow at Dartmouth College’s Neukom Institute and the Institute for Arctic Studies, he’s spent the past decade studying Arctic landscape change in Siberia, northern Canada, and Greenland. He uses quantitative photography to track changes in plants, animals, and landscapes beyond the traditional perspectives and time frames of Arctic fieldwork.

Jeff Kerby on Instagram: “Mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan // Lush fields full of poppies and other alpine flowers spill down from sharp ridges. Thousands of Kurds…”

Jeff is also an award-winning narrative photographer and videographer. His photos have been published in National Geographic Magazine, Geo Magazine, and the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival (Grand Prize – Photo Essay), in addition to multiple contributions to environmental films, web and TV series. He earned his PhD in ecology from Pennsylvania State University.

Jeff Kerby on Instagram: “Initiate launch! || My hands were full so I had to use my nose to tap the takeoff countdown button. I spent last summer in the Arctic with…”