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From Kurils with Love: What the volcano taught us

The expedition team realized something about nature and life.

Nothing could prepare the Kuril Islands' expedition team and researchers for sight of the devastation from Raikoke's 2019 volcanic eruption. Renan Ozturk tells how they came to understand something more about nature.

How did a catastrophic volcanic eruption affect the Kurils?

The Kurils, a string of islands dotting the sea between the Sea of Okhotsk and the North Pacific Ocean, are a haven for wildlife and sealife. A group of adventurers and conservationists, including filmmakers Renan Ozturk and Taylor Rees, traveled to the Islands in 2019 to create an adventure documentary full of stunning footage: From Kurils With Love. One event would drastically change the project's course and open their eyes to something bigger.

Ozturk reflects on what the volcano's destructive power has in common with the Covid-19 pandemic, and what the cycle of life means for humans and "the true devastation of our lifetimes" – climate change.

The project is seeking donations to support research that will help protect the islands. Watch the full documentary and show your support.

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