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How did lockdown affect creativity? TWELVE stories

Snapshots on creativity during the year that changed everything.

What does a pandemic do to our creativity? 2020 was a year of uncertainty and isolation, but many used life behind closed doors to create in new ways. From yoga-fusion to quarantine imaginations, TWELVE captures one-minute intimate stories from lockdowns around the world.

In a global pandemic, everything changes

Many things helped us through lockdown, but creativity was high on the list. In the wake of COVID-19, millions took to writing, singing, painting and other forms of expression to make the most of the time. If we couldn't be creative in our normal lives, how would it be behind closed doors?

In partnership with The Community Creatives, TWELVE captures creatives' lives during the COVID crisis. These one-minute, insightful short films are all about creation, connection and change.

Watch all TWELVE films: https://www.tomorrowunlocked.com/twelveminutes/

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Create Tomorrow

6 signs you'll make it as a tech entrepreneur

Do you have what it takes to lead a tech start-up?

Feeling like you're back to the same-old, job? It's frustrating when your ideas at work go unrecognized, for reasons outside of your control. What if you were making all the decisions? Do you have what it takes to lead your own tech start-up?

Here are six qualities that make a successful tech entrepreneur, coming from those who've broken the mold of what it means to be one.

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Create Tomorrow

Will robots one day satisfy our need for love?

Look into the future of pleasure, lust and connection

Until now, scientists and developers have pushed to discover whether artificial intelligence can love humans, and vice versa. Welcome to the age of robot relationships.

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