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Making Space by @ponjovst

A young girl's exploration of how she and her big family have stayed sane during lockdown by connecting to the outside world in different ways to maintain their own space, ultimately strengthening their bond as a family.

Protect Tomorrow

AI tech lets disabled gamers smash access barriers

Gamers are using their voice to overcome accessibility problems

By 2023, there could be over three billion gamers worldwide. But for some people with disabilities, taking part in this wildly popular passion can be frustrating to impossible. Now, one piece of tech is out to make slaying dragons and building civilizations accessible to all. Will it change the future of gaming?

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The prevailing wisdom is that the fast pace of automation, digital change and AI (artificial intelligence) will soon leave most of us jobless. Talking with some of the most successful tech entrepreneurs around the world, not one agreed with this dark premonition. Rather, they pointed to a different kind of future we should prepare for.

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