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Billion-Dollar Startups

What is your groundbreaking startup idea?

We all have that one friend who comes up with new business ideas at every gathering. Some may sound like gold, but most of them are silly. To give you, as well as Dan Demeter and Marco Preuss, new Inspiration for your next billion-dollar startup, we present you our top three Kickstarter projects.


Stop-motion movies are a lot of fun and require a lot of work. To create the ideal puppet the skeleton must be stable and lightweight. Designer Stefano Angelini and mechanical engineer Stefano Totti put their heads together to revolutionize the genre and created GEORGE®: A stop-motion puppet skeleton made from carbon fiber, titanium and stainless steel.

Ode Brew Grinder

Just think of all the ideas that would not have been brainstormed if it were not for coffee. Fellow, a product design company, presents its Ode Brew Grinder as their missing link, and it surely was missing from our life: 64mm professional-grade flat burrs, 31 grind settings, Single Dose Loading for maximum bean freshness… "It's not a conspiracy. It's just good coffee."

Platyball Elite & Ergo

Professional photographers go the extra mile when it comes to taking the perfect shot. With the next level tripod heads Platyball Elite & Ergo. Platyball imagined beyond the camera tripod heads and created a natural extension to a photographer's hand – "for pro photographers and people who want to be pros!"

Everything Great Starts With An Idea

Let your ideas create the future, no matter how silly they may sound. Because who knows what the future will really bring and what we will be actually needing? Maybe one day, we will want to take an Uber TV with Marco and Dan and discuss the security of our mobile devices. Sounds like educational fun to me!

Create Tomorrow

Gamers against the clock: Speedrunning esports

Ultra-fast gaming and the sports of tomorrow, with Break the Record's Fredrik Lidholt

Completing a game more quickly than opponents is the goal of the esport of speedrunning. It could be Super Mario, Doom or any other game. This week we'll see which elite players can break the speed record playing Minecraft.

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Create Tomorrow

NFTs explained: Why pay $170,000 for digital art?

Intro to cryptoart and non-fungible tokens (NFTS)

A non-fungible token (NFT) of digital kitten art sold for 170,000 US dollars. These tokens could change how we buy, sell and own digital media. What are they, and could they build a new creative economy? To start, check out the video above from CNBC!

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