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Parents and educators have long been asking to more actively digitize schools and education in general. The Covid-19 pandemic pushed analogue classrooms into remote schools from one day to another, thus showing how many schools are way behind the expectations of modern learning. But to get students through the year, teachers had to rely on collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Listen to our feature at the Transatlantic Cable Podcast and unlock how the education of tomorrow may look like, with our very own David Jacoby.

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The inflation in Venezuela is increasing day by day. This means that doing your basic grocery shopping could lead to people overdrawing their bank account. A man who had plans to give the people their financial freedom back is Gabriel Jiménez. He is the entrepreneurial brain behind Venezuela's Petro, the system that sought to make history as the first state-backed cryptocurrency. He wanted to change the world, but instead, he had to flee his country.

If you are one of the lucky people who own a robotic vacuum cleaner, you may have wondered, about how easy they float around your living room without falling off the stairs or getting stuck somewhere inconvenient. For the second episode of our latest web series Young Bright Minds we spoke to the experts from Swiss company Sevensense Robotics about the challenges of making robots not just see their surroundings, but also understand them, and how humanity may benefit from intelligent robotic helpers in the future.