What makes this malware a billion-dollar industry and why is it at the heart of history’s most iconic cyberattacks?

What could possibly bring down an Olympic Games IT infrastructure? What could turn a cyberhero into a cyber zero overnight? Ransomware is growing in notoriety and for a good reason. As a type of malware, ransomware can infiltrate a host’s system, encrypt and lock files, then demand a ransom for your data to be released. Here’s a selection of Tomorrow Unlocked originals documenting the impact of ransomware in some of history’s most iconic cyberattacks.


Would you want to be paid by a bank to hack into their system? Welcome to the world of white-hat or ethical hackers.

What are white-hat hackers and how are they making the world of tech a better place? In short: these ethical hackers are hired by organizations to find weaknesses in their IT systems, giving feedback on how to protect against malicious hackers. But how exactly does it work? From legally hacking into banks to sifting through the data secrets found on 185 hard drives, here’s a playlist of Tomorrow Unlocked originals for your viewing pleasure.


Meet the people on the frontline of data protection and digital privacy, fighting every day to ensure humanity is safe from data thieves.

As our lives become increasingly digital, data protection and privacy are in the spotlight now more than ever. Would you be OK with the police tracking your phone? What about someone rifling through an old hard drive for your personal data? We didn’t think so. That’s why we’ve compiled this playlist of Tomorrow Unlocked originals documenting the people behind the fight for our digital privacy.

Digital Human Rights

A national cryptocurrency experiment gone wrong, hard drive data secrets and an organisation fighting fake news – this is the cutting-edge of digital human rights.

If you’re not looking in the right places, it’s hard to find out about the state of digital human rights. At Tomorrow Unlocked, we have it sorted. From outrageous Venezuelan crypto experiments to machine learning algorithms fighting against disinformation, see how an elite of digital guardians are helping to preserve our digital rights.