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Praise your SysAdmin

It's System Administration Appreciation Day! So, let's say thank you to the people keeping our systems going.

System administrators keep humans and machines in sync. When your Internet is down, you accidentally delete an important document or forget your password: they are here for you. So today, for System Administration Appreciation Day we want to say thank you and give you ideas on how to show your sysadmins how much you really love them.

Lunch or Dinner


Who doesn't love food, right?! So, go down to that creepy IT lab, where your sysadmins are sitting in front of their computers trying to save your deleted files and give them everybody's favourite food: PIZZA. Oh, and don't stay to eat with them. They don't want you in their sacred halls.


Naveen Annam - Pexels.com

Let's be honest: we don't always make it easy for our sysadmins: We call them up for every minor bug which we could have solved ourselves, if we just took the time to google it. By adding our minor issues to their big everyday tasks, their job can get very stressful at times. So, you should get them something like the mesmerizing Hypnocube: an LED cube that transfers your sysadmin into relaxing spheres with its various flashing colours. Now, when you call the IT helpdesk and no one answers be assured they're not ignoring you they're just hypnotized by those flashing lights. 👀

Duct Tape

Pexels – Pixabay.com

Duct Tape isn't only practical when it comes to keeping things in place. Some users seem to have the IT helpdesk number on speed dial – and oh, how often did your sysadmin want to shut them up… The answer to all their problems: Duct Tape – keeps your objects in place and chatterboxes shut. What a world to live in!

USB Missile Launcher

Not just constant callers are a problem, also eyebrow raising requests such as "I deleted my Internet" make your sysadmin question how the person on the other side of the phone is able to get out of bed in the morning. Desperate times call for desperate measures: Your sysadmin needs to be able to punish those people hurting his brains and we found the perfect gift designed for this: The USB Missile Launcher. It can fire foam missiles and can be controlled using a normal computer targeting unsuspecting annoying system users.


sweetlouise – Pixabay.com

"Hello, IT! I Have a Problem!" In case of a system emergency, your sysadmin has to react immediately. He needs to get from his own office to the server room to your desk and back asap to guarantee you have a running system. What better way to do that than by hoverboard? I assure you, none! So, get out there, buy the hoverboard for your favourite sysadmin and prepare for a shy thank you hug. If you're lucky she/he will allow you to use it sometimes. Win-win!

Superhero Cape

Sysadmins might not be the heroes we want, but the one we need. Hence, it's time for them to not just feel like a superhero, but also to look like one. Even if Edna Mode isn't a big fan of capes, we are! In the end, what is a hero without a cape? You just need to get your sysadmin that cape in their favourite colour. Imagine how cool she/he would look cruising through the office on that hoverboard with a cape, priceless!

Engin Akyurt – Pexels.com

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