Renan Ozturk pushes filmmaking to the extremes with rich documentary stories about the natural world and our relationship with it.

Who is Renan Ozturk?

An explorer at heart, Renan spent his pre-filmmaking years living in the wilderness as a climber and artist, exploring and painting landscapes.

From climber and painter to National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2013, Renan now takes a different view of planet Earth through a video camera lens.

Renan Ozturk’s filmmaking style

Renan pushes the art of filmmaking to the edge in his environmental documentaries, combining extreme expeditions with raw landscapes, outstanding drone footage and visual storytelling. Often collaborating with spouse and fellow director Taylor Rees, Renan’s approach is the stuff of filmmaking dreams.

Renan Ozturk’s films

Drawn to earth’s most demanding environments, Renan Ozturk focuses on human connection with the natural world. His use of strong visual identity draws on his experience as a landscape painter and adventurer, bringing out nature’s best alongside compelling human stories.

For the full portfolio of his work, see Renan Ozturk’s website, but here’s a snapshot of his writing, directing, producing and more.

The Denali Experiment (2011)

The Denali Experiment from Expedition Studios on Vimeo.


Denali is North America’s highest mountain peak, in Alaska, US. In one of Ozturk’s first films, a diverse team of athletes assembled by The North Face take on this behemoth, one of the biggest challenges on Earth.

Watch Renan Ozturk’s The Denali Experiment on Vimeo

Into the Mind (2013)


This philosophical portrait of the human mind asks, how do we balance risk with reward? Renan teams up with creators of award-winning film All.I.Can for an epic insight into the quests of the world’s greatest mountain sport athletes. Expect stunning footage and sporting extremes.

Watch Renan Ozturk’s Into The Mind on YouTube

Meru (2015)

Cinematographer and subject

In the world of big-wall climbing, Shark’s Fin on India’s Meru Peak is the holy grail – 4,000 feet (1,200 meters) of sheer deadliness, traversed and failed by elite climbers. Dwindling supplies, snowstorms and sub-zero temperatures make for some tale.

Watch Renan Ozturk’s Meru on YouTube

Sherpa (2015)

Cinematographer and co-director

Renan’s first Everest climbing and filming trip is one for the history books. The precision of beauty of Sherpa’s camera angles, achieved in such extreme places, is the stuff of wonder.

Mountain (2017)


Renan’s dazzling camera work complements this is a stunning ode to mountains, a collaboration between Australian Chamber Orchestra and BAFTA-nominated director Jennifer Peedom. Mountain examines the beauty of wild landscapes and our fascination with conquering them.

Watch Renan Ozturk’s Mountain on Amazon

The Last Honey Hunter (2020)



It’s steep, misty and packed with psychoactive honey only locals know how to handle. Renan and his team joins the indigenous Kirat Kulung people as they scale deadly cliffs for an emotional final honey harvest.

Watch The Last Honey Hunter on Vimeo

From Kurils with Love (2020)


When the guardian of an almost unreachable archipelago in the Far East of Russia, the Kuril Islands, hitches a ride with Renan and his team, no one expected the result. The team, including director Taylor Rees, set out to make a classic adventure story, but got something even more powerful.

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Expedition climber for The North Face, photojournalist for Sony and National Geographic as well as documentary filmmaker, you won’t have to do too much digging to keep up with Renan Ozturk. Follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.