Invisible men, brutal algorithm-driven dystopia and devices that fragment consciousness – it’s been a tasty year for sci-fi. As we approach The Oscar’s 2021, we look at a few movies about the future of tech that, unfortunately, didn’t make the shortlist. Which one surprises you the most?

How did these sci-fi films miss out on The Oscars 2021?

It’s that time of the year again. The great and good from the world of film come together to celebrate cinematographic achievements. Except, this year, we won’t be focusing on those. We’ll be focusing on those that *didn’t* make it.

Yes, we’re delving into the depths of the unrecognized to focus on what we do best: tech film. The future of technology to be precise. There’s a rich well to drink from, too. So here’s our favorite sci-fi films about the future of tech that *didn’t* make the list for The Oscars 2021.

The Invisible Man (above)

Director: Leigh Wannel

Griffin, a scientist interested in optics, stalks his wife with an invisibility suit which only works when he’s totally naked. The suit supposedly bends light, using various cameras and displays to record the wearer’s surroundings and transmit them on its surface. You might be thinking, can someone actually make an invisibility suit? It may be closer than we think.

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Director: David S.F. Wilson

Vin Diesel is back. After witnessing his wife’s murder, his character Ray wakes up in a strange facility with amnesia. Turns out his blood has been replaced with nanorobots that give him superpowers – think Wolverine meets The Punisher. He can heal from any injury thanks to the tiny helpers in his blood, plus morph his own body, changing his shape and appearance. Sound like your kind of thing?

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Director: Brandon Cronenburg

Will the life of an assassin ever get any easier? Possessor thinks so. In this near future tale, hired killers, called ‘possessors,’ control the bodies of others to earn their money. No trace, no trouble. But how does it work? Brain-implant technology that plants the consciousness of one into the other. Thing is, both exist in the same body. Surely that’s a recipe for disaster? Yes, as our protagonist finds out.

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Black Box

Director: Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr.

Widowed protagonist, severe amnesia and a new form of experimental brain treatment – what could go wrong? Nolan is struggling to adapt to life after the loss of his wife, so he turns to tech to sort himself out. In Black Box, tech — in this case, a virtual reality headset — is used to help access and unlock memories, drastically altering our personalities and perspectives on our past. The hope? That by uncovering the dark recesses of our brain through VR reconstructions, we can come to terms with grief, pain and anguish. Keen to give it a try?

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Minor Premise

Director: Eric Schultz

R10 – recognize the name? Probably not; it’s a fictional, mind-altering device. Ethan, our protagonist, built R10 – which isolates sections of the brain that control emotions or behaviour, allowing us to better understand our personalities. But things go a little bit stray when Ethan’s consciousness starts fragmenting into different pieces. It’s not a technology we see getting past regulators any time soon. That said, would you try it?

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Did we miss anything?

These are our favorite sci-films that didn’t make The Oscars, but what about yours? Share your suggestions on our Twitter and Facebook.