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4 Star Wars-inspired films for May the 4th

Lives today are linked to the world of Star Wars more than many realize

Today is Star Wars Day! What better way to celebrate the iconic movies than by checking out these 4 documentaries that show how Star Wars technology is becoming a daily reality. These short films explore the amazing possibilities of this moment in robotics, cryonics and human augmentation.

Imagine Beyond - The Body (above)

In the final scenes of The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker's hand – cut off by Darth Vader – is replaced in just 24 hours. Scientists across the world are now working on robotic limbs that can integrate with human bodies. Will we soon become superhuman?

Watch these videos to see how technology is making Star Wars-evoking strides into human augmentation, robotics and cryonics.

Unlocked: Is more tech inside making us better?

Should bionic augmentation aim to restore bodies, or add to them? Tilly Lockey, who has highly customized bionic arms, and Wojtek Paprota, with his implanted chip, discuss the possibilities and advantages of cyborgs and robotic upgrades.

Robotic Relationships: How we could fall in love with machines

Robotic relationships may be a turning point in the age of the machine. Can humans and AI connect on a deep emotional level?

Frozen in time: Is this how we will cheat death?

Eternal life might be possible sooner than we think. What will it mean for our bodies and society?

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Gamers against the clock: Speedrunning esports

Ultra-fast gaming and the sports of tomorrow, with Break the Record's Fredrik Lidholt

Completing a game more quickly than opponents is the goal of the esport of speedrunning. It could be Super Mario, Doom or any other game. This week we'll see which elite players can break the speed record playing Minecraft.

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NFTs explained: Why pay $170,000 for digital art?

Intro to cryptoart and non-fungible tokens (NFTS)

A non-fungible token (NFT) of digital kitten art sold for 170,000 US dollars. These tokens could change how we buy, sell and own digital media. What are they, and could they build a new creative economy? To start, check out the video above from CNBC!

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