being without smartphone
Protect Tomorrow

How far would you go for Digital Detox?

We spoke to the man who took it to the extreme

Would you rather:

Be caught naked OR go out without your smartphone?

Nowadays we are used to being connected 24/7. Saying you are addicted to your smartphone or the internet is not frowned upon, but you might regularly hear "Haha, yeah, me too!" as an answer to. 1-in-4 people would rather be caught naked than walk the earth without their connected devices, according to research from Kaspersky Lab. But how is it really? To understand how one feels naked in a public place, we sent Stu Jackson on a mission: find your cloths. The catch: Stu was butt naked and to top it off we also took his smartphone away from him. A year after his mission we sat down with Stu and spoke with him about his experience. And if you just watched Stu's interview, you know being naked on the streets is no fun. But why do some of us prefer getting caught naked to going a day without their smartphone?

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