chris burkard
From Kurils with Love

A hodgepodge mix and a stroke of luck

Chris Burkard's thoughts at the end of #fromkurilswithlove

#fromkurilswithlove was a coincidence, in many ways. A photographer (Renan Ozturk) does a commercial shoot for a company (Kaspersky) and they find a common interest (The Kuril Islands). The photographer finds a group of people that is as passionate about the idea as himself, and a year later they all board a boat.

Chris Burkard was one of those people and in this video he explains how this random mix of people ended up being a perfect crew.

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Create Tomorrow

A "catastrophic drone failure"

Losing and trying to recover a drone on the Kuril Islands.

During the #fromkurilswithlove expedition, the team lost two drones because of the difficult wind conditions they had. Filmmaker and photographer Chris Burkard talks about "the catastrophic drone failure" and trying to find it in one of the most "remote and harsh climates in the world".

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