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Cyborgs: Would you trust this implant?

Live Q&A on human augmentation's future

Cyborg, cyborg, where art thou? Right here. I'm joined by Kaspersky's Marco Preuß to discuss the future of human augmentation with two people living augmented lives.

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The tech fuelling a new wave of gender violence

Stalkerware is making headlines, for all the wrong reasons

How could her partner know where she is every day? Why does his girlfriend know who he's messaging? The answer could be a disturbing new technology that's fuelling a new wave of violence across the globe. The worst thing? It's as easy as downloading an app.

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Create Tomorrow

TUFF - Films about a better future

Tomorrow Unlocked Film Festival (TUFF) is looking for compelling short films about how technology shapes our world. How it inspires and helps us to change lives, create a better future, imagine beyond and defend ourselves if this future is being challenged.