Protect Tomorrow

Take part in an interactive cyber bank heist

Exclusive access to a criminal masterplan

Put on your balaclava and gloves, and tell your partner you'll be busy for an hour. You're about to step inside history's biggest cyber bank heist.

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Protect Tomorrow

Healthcare on the Edge

hacker:HUNTER goes into Season 2 with a look at how cybercriminals attacked healthcare during the pandemic

The next episode of hacker:HUNTER reveals the shocking surge in cyberattacks on healthcare during the Covid-19 global pandemic. We take our audience on the frontlines of targeted cyberattacks on the vaccine researchers, hospitals and World Health Organisation who have reported a fivefold increase in attacks on its systems since March.

Launching on September 25th on YouTube!


The Future is now!

One Year Tomorrow Unlocked

Numerous hours of planning, countless night shifts, and a massive amount of coffee chugged down – then, it was finally time!

Breath in once… twice…

Is everything ready?

Yes, all set! Push the button!


Today, one year ago the Tomorrow Unlocked project went online. We were more than excited to create this new hub for technology culture and building a community of scientists, tech experts, enthusiasts, and artists. Now looking back at a year, which couldn't have gone by quicker, we still have to grasp the achievements we and our community managed to accomplish. By working with incredible people and creating diverse content we published more than 252 content pieces on the Tomorrow Unlocked website and generated more than 500.000 hours watch time on our Youtube Channel.
Let's have a look at our highlights!
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Protect Tomorrow

Anti-Ransomware Day 2020

When Cybercriminals take your data hostage

It was May 12th,2017. The ransomware known as WannaCry reached its peak and affected up to 200.000 computers across 150 countries. Imagine how many more people could have been affected by WannaCry, if it wasn't for Marcus Hutchins, who discovered the kill switch for WannaCry a few days after its discovery, putting a stop on this ransomware epidemic.

Ransomware infects hundreds of thousands of people each year with WannaCry keeping its top position within the most widespread ransomware. This is why today, May 12th, 2020 – on the first Anti-Ransomware Day in history – it is important to understand how ransomware works to keep our data safe and not fall for malicious cybercriminals.

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hacker:HUNTER WannaCRY, Chapter 3

Jail forever or a free man?

Stuck in the US, free on bail, Marcus Hutchins considers his options and decides to plead guilty. He faces up to 10 years in jail.

From the web:

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hacker:HUNTER WannaCry, Chapter 2

A star is born - and soon arrested

His random act of heroism makes security researcher Marcus Hutchins famous overnight. Being celebrated by media around the world, he spends a week in Las Vegas. When he wants to leave, the FBI arrests him. They suspect him of creating malware.

From the Web:

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hacker:HUNTER WannaCry - Chapter 1

How WannaCry hit the world and how it suddenly stopped

One day in May 2017, computers all around the world suddenly shut down. A malware called WannaCry asks for ransom. The epidemic suddenly stops, because a young, British researcher found a killswitch, by accident.

From the Web:

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hacker:HUNTER WannaCry

25th October: hacker:HUNTER WannaCry

The Marcus Hutchins Story


Welcome to Taiwan!

hacker:HUNTER Cashing In, Episode Two

The Carbanak Group attacks a bank in Taiwan and sends 22 money mules into the country. What they didn't anticipate: within a few hours the Taiwanese police publish surveillance pictures of all the money mules. The hunt begins.


Bags full of cash!

hacker:HUNTER "Cashing In" Episode Three

19 money mules flee Taiwan, the rest are left in Taipei with several million dollars. The police get closer and closer.


Arrest by the sea

hacker:HUNTER Cashing In: Episode Four

The Taiwanese police finds clues to the whereabouts of the head of the Carbanak group and coordinates with Europol. Can the group be stopped?


Watch all hacker:HUNTER episodes for free here!

hacker:HUNTER Cashing In, Episode One

"ATMs hold cash, and that makes them attractive for criminals." The opening statement of this episode sums up what the whole mini-series is about. While criminals around the world try to get to the money in cash-machines with hammers, explosives, excavators or other heavy gear, the Carbanak gang found a more elegant and stealth way. They would hack into bank networks and monitor the activities there until they understood how to trigger the machines remotely to spill out all the money.

Episode 1 explains how security researchers were alerted to it, how they brought international police forces into the investigation and why the method of attacking ATMs is called Jackpotting after a researcher named Barnaby Jack.

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