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Deep blue sea documentaries for World Ocean Day

Videos we like: Sea-themed documentaries for World Ocean Day

Looking for the best ocean-themed documentaries on the planet? For World Ocean Day, we've fished up these hard-hitting, inspiring and beautiful portrayals of the deep blue sea.

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World-changing environmental docos: 7 of the best

Videos we like: Our favorite environment documentaries for Earth Day

As we prepare for life after the pandemic, the inspiration of the great outdoors calls. These 7 environment documentaries are essential Earth Day watching.

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MIT engineers taught spinach to send emails

Watch how these nanotechnology-charged plants are communicating with humans

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Earth Day 2020: Climate Action

Saving Planet Earth with Technology

With lockdown policies in place in most countries due to the Corona pandemic our impact on the environment becomes more apparent each day. With people isolating at home, not travelling, and planes staying on the ground nature seems to recover from pollution: clear canals in Venice, reduced air pollution in China and major cities all over the world, and a fallen global carbon emission. Still, climate change has not stopped, with a record heatwave in Antarctica, which has impacts on all of our planet's climate, and countries like Germany, which are usually blessed with a lot of rain, facing droughts. Realizing how our own actions can positively or negatively affect our environment is a wakeup call for everyone, as we cannot deny the positive impacts of the lockdown on our environment. So, as the official motto of Earth Day 2020 is climate action, we want to discover what technologies may help us in stopping climate change and creating a better future.

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Nature and Virtual Reality

Exploring our planet with virtual reality

Did you know that 12.000 years ago about 6.6 trillion trees grew on our planet? Today there are still just over 3 million: In the last 8.000 years alone about 80 percent of our forests have been destroyed. And can you imagine, that there are children who have never seen a forest before and probably never will? So on March 21, the International Day of Forests, I would like to remind us of the importance of trees, and how much we need forests, not just to decorate golf courses, but as habitats for animals and plants, and also understand, how virtual reality may change what we see, know and learn about faraway jungles and natural habitats, only a small group of people has ever seen before.

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Tell the world or not?

Is awareness good or bad for a paradise like the Kuril Islands?

Many people in the last days asked us why we are trying to raise awareness for the Kuril Islands; and if it wouldn't be better if they stayed hidden. We spoke to Renan Ozturk about this topic before the expedition left. In this video he sums up what the local representative of one of the world's biggest environmental conservation groups told him in a meeting a few hours before this interview.

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From Kurils with Love

The Expedition Diary.

The #fromkurilswithlove expedition set sails in July 2019 - this is what they experienced, a diary sent directly from the ship.

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Getting ready for the Unexpected

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An expedition to the Kuril Islands to raise awareness for this remote landscape will try to go to places not touched by humans before.

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Chris Burkard
Taylor Rees
Eugene Kaspersky
Povel Torudd

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The Kuril Islands Expedition will set sails on 8th of July with Taylor Rees, Chris Burkard and Renan Ozturk

On Monday, the 8th July, an unusual expedition is setting sails in the town of Petropavlovsk in Kamchatka. A group of filmmakers, adventurers, climbers, environmentalists and a software entrepreneur will travel along the islands of Onekotan, Ushishir, Simushir, and Urup to explore the environmental impact on this remote area of the earth, try first ascents and raise awareness for the protection of the islands.

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