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Can ice and code preserve human culture?

Freethink meets the Arctic World Archive, archiving knowledge in ice


Just Like In Person by @Cinematograaf

Two friends, Yasmine and Nico, are having a Facetime Call and it seems like they want to meet up in the city. After cycling and skating to the right spot, they greet each other and Nico shows Yasmine a new move that she quickly learns after getting some tips. But is it all real?

Create Tomorrow

TUFF - Films about a better future

Tomorrow Unlocked Film Festival (TUFF) is looking for compelling short films about how technology shapes our world. How it inspires and helps us to change lives, create a better future, imagine beyond and defend ourselves if this future is being challenged.

Create Tomorrow

Imagine Beyond: Human Augmentation

Are You the Next Super Human?

Human augmentation is not a new phenomenon. We have been augmenting ourselves for thousands of years. As artist, composer Brian Eno explains: 'The spear is an augmented arm. The hammer is an augmented fist.' However, we are now at an exciting stage of evolution. What was science-fiction is now becoming fact and it is happening faster than most of us expected. But what is human augmentation? How will technology change our minds and bodies? And why does it matter?

Our new series Imagine Beyond takes on these questions to show how human augmentation can shape the world as we know it. But first, let's understand what human augmentation actually is.

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