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Cyborgs: Would you trust this implant?

Live Q&A on human augmentation's future

Cyborg, cyborg, where art thou? Right here. I'm joined by Kaspersky's Marco Preuß to discuss the future of human augmentation with two people living augmented lives.

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TUFF - Films about a better future

Tomorrow Unlocked Film Festival (TUFF) is looking for compelling short films about how technology shapes our world. How it inspires and helps us to change lives, create a better future, imagine beyond and defend ourselves if this future is being challenged.


Are we a hacked society?

Netflix' "The Great Hack" which launches on 24th July, is an impressive piece of political film-making for the digital era.

We watched Netflix' new documentary "The Great Hack" by Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim at a preview screening last week and had the chance to see some of the protagonists and the directors discussing the film at a panel last week.

The first thing you have to know about "The Great Hack": it is not about hacking computers. It is about hacking society. It is a powerful appeal for stronger privacy rights and stronger control of the big digital near-monopolists. In conclusion: it is not an easy movie. After the screening, I heard somebody say it was "hard work" and "at times hysterical". Well, it is a serious, complicated and heavy subject that during the nearly two hours isn't always entertaining. It makes for a significant film nevertheless.

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