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Pioneers of a Better Future

Stories about Heroes, Thinkers, Inventors and World-Improvers

Every day, amazing people create incredible new things. Who would have thought five years ago, that 3D-printing could have a medical dimension and sooner or later we would be able to print internal organs? Some people obviously did. Otherwise, it wouldn't have become real.

Most pioneers don't wake up one day and think "I will now change the world!". They are people like you and me that had the right thought at the perfect moment. This section is portraying those people. Those who woke up wrote down an idea and have changed the world. And those who created a business and are still struggling to make their idea work, but have shown a potential to create a better planet.


Guardians of our Connected Lifestyle

Stories about those who make sure that our connected life is secure and free

Everything that is connected to the internet can be hacked. Social media have become a battleground for political influencing and populism. Fake news are everywhere. Digital freedom is under scrutiny. Artificial Intelligence is out of control. Big tech companies own the world.

That all sounds dire.

And while it all is partially true, it also isn't. As with everything in life: when humans interact, there will be frictions. Not everybody has good intentions. So we have to be vigilant, and we need guardians, protectors, heroes or just ordinary people with a good sense for what is right or wrong.

The smallest things can have a massive impact. A young man registers a domain and shuts down a global cyber attack. A sports star kneels and provokes a national discussion about values. A power outage in the middle of nowhere disconnects millions of people from the internet – and an electrician saves the day. A retired policeman stops someone from taking money from an ATM and thus delivers the crucial clue to halt a global ring of digital bank robbers.

We all can be heroes and can be forgotten the next day. This section tells stories of average people saving our digital world. By creating policies, by maintaining infrastructure, by stopping criminals and by protecting children. These are stories of you and me — the real heroes of today – the guardians of the digital world.