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Why is autonomy important in space?

Find out more about the technology needed for the Mars Rover

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Touchdown: Perseverance Rover lands on Mars

After 7 months in transit, the Perseverance Rover arrives on Mars

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SpaceX SN9 test - a fiery explosion for science

Latest Starship test didn't go as planned but is worth a watch

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Made for Space - used on Earth

5 technologies you never knew came from space travel

With so much interest today in commercial space travel, you may think that space technologies are exclusively concerned with finding new planets to inhabit, like Elon Musk's mission to colonize Mars. Some think of space travel as a leisure pursuit for billionaires who've already been everywhere they want on Earth.

But what's less discussed is the contribution space technologies have made to life on Earth. Let's explore five of the most remarkable achievements enabled by space travel, which we now experience every day.

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