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Technology on Tyuleny

How to study 50.000 seals up to six times a day

The engine of the ship Afina, our home on the From Kurils with Love expedition, was quiet. The only noise making its way into our cabins came from the sound of waves slapping against the hull of the ship. As I emerged from below deck, I saw it was misty that day. The only sense of direction I had was a vague one- we were somewhere in the North Pacific, a few hundred kilometers northwest of Japan, in a place that you would never have found on a map if not for the likes of Google maps: Tyuleny Island.

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Create Tomorrow

Machine learning beneath the sea

Understanding the impact of climate change

All around us, it seems like things are changing too fast to keep track of. From social media bombardments, constantly updating news cycles, and daily reminders about the threat of climate change, usually accompanied by images that are hard to look away from. Temperatures are rising. Ice caps are melting. Ecosystems everywhere seem to be threatened by local impacts and global climate change.

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Rishi Sugla

Oceanographer and Activist

Rishi Sugla is a PhD Candidate at Scripps Institution of Oceanography with expertise in interdisciplinary research. His main focus is long-term changes to Earth's geosphere and biosphere. Beyond his research, Rishi focuses on climate and environmental justice organizing and activism while working on projects in Southern California, Chile, and Argentina. He deeply believes that community-drive, decolonial science with a focus on forming relationships is an important path forward. Rishi is slowly growing his skillset as a communicator so he can better tell nuanced stories about the roots of our climatological and ecological problems and the people they impact most.