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Sharing is Caring

How to make sure your digital comfort zone stays yours?

Ever "hacked" into someone's network and sent them weird messages to their printers? When I started university there were too many people not securing their internet, which meant a lot of fun for me and my friends, but not for the ones whose printers started coughing up 100 pages of "Set a password, i****!" at 1 am in the morning.

But nowadays we secure everything with all kinds of complicated passwords, and then we share our Netflix, Spotify or Amazon accounts with everybody. Which is nice, and if you trust the person there is no harm. In fact, 46% of people feel comfortable sharing their streaming services with their housemates according to a recent study by Kaspersky. On the other hand, 32% are sharing their accounts, although they are unsure about their safety, as they do not know about their friends' digital habits.

But how can you still keep your things private and your digital comfort zone secure?

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Create Tomorrow

Billion-Dollar Startups

What is your groundbreaking startup idea?

We all have that one friend who comes up with new business ideas at every gathering. Some may sound like gold, but most of them are silly. To give you, as well as Dan Demeter and Marco Preuss, new Inspiration for your next billion-dollar startup, we present you our top three Kickstarter projects.

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