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When hearing "drones", most of us think of amazing drone photography or videos showing us how spectacular places look from above - or even surveillance drones. But this is just a tiny part of what drones can actually do.

In the first episode of our new web series Young Bright Minds, we talk with the experts from Voliro Airborne Robotics who use drones as hands in the sky to eliminate human risk in hard to reach places, and that also can spray on walls - please don't try it on your neighbor's walls!

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How to talk techie with your kids

Keeping your children safe on the Internet

"Get home before the dark." "Look left and right before crossing the street." "Don't talk to strangers." A few of the lines all parents put into their kids' brains from a young age to make sure they stay safe in the world on the other side of the door, often forgetting that the outside world already starts inside: the Internet and mobile devices bring in all information into kitchens, bedrooms or bathrooms all over the world, and with it also strangers. And though 84 percent of parents are worried about their children's online safety on average they only spend a total of 46 minutes talking to them about online security through their entire childhood. But how can parents keep their children safe online? #TimeToTalkOffline

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