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Cyborgs: Would you trust this implant?

Live Q&A on human augmentation's future

Cyborg, cyborg, where art thou? Right here. I'm joined by Kaspersky's Marco Preuß to discuss the future of human augmentation with two people living augmented lives.

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Create Tomorrow

Venezuela’s failed cryptocurrency experiment

Fighting hyperinflation with a state-backed cryptocurrency. What could possibly go wrong?

What happens when an authoritarian regime that controls every aspect of an economy creates a currency based on decentralization, free movement, and transparency? This is the explosive true story behind the world's first state-backed cryptocurrency.

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The Future is now!

One Year Tomorrow Unlocked

Numerous hours of planning, countless night shifts, and a massive amount of coffee chugged down – then, it was finally time!

Breath in once… twice…

Is everything ready?

Yes, all set! Push the button!


Today, one year ago the Tomorrow Unlocked project went online. We were more than excited to create this new hub for technology culture and building a community of scientists, tech experts, enthusiasts, and artists. Now looking back at a year, which couldn't have gone by quicker, we still have to grasp the achievements we and our community managed to accomplish. By working with incredible people and creating diverse content we published more than 252 content pieces on the Tomorrow Unlocked website and generated more than 500.000 hours watch time on our Youtube Channel.
Let's have a look at our highlights!
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Mom and Dad at the Same Time by @official_storychef

When your family can't be together because of the lockdown and you become mom and dad at the same time.


Adapt by @dark.dende

The lockdown had a big financial impact because all schools where I am teaching Capoeira were closed. This video shows what I do to stay productive.


Distance by @Mirandagarzac

A lot has changed due to the pandemic. It is important to realize that we should never take things for granted.


Long Distance by @theonlyalsex

A short film about new ways to be creative with familiar things.


Break the Cycle by @Findzay

It's easy to fall into a daily routine of waking up, eating and sleeping. Break the Cycle and live like yourself pre quarantine.


Reconciliation by @itsjeremytauziac

The reconciliation with the technology, seen as unhealthy before the pandemic. Now a key for our well being.


Let the Beach Come to You by @pabloleonolea

What to do if your beach holiday is being canceled due to corona? Be creative!


Project the Good Things by @bersilvino

Many things to do and not to do, but whatever happens, never forget about the good things in life.


A Different Window by @pppmtz

A new view on the world in times of quarantine.