Numerous hours of planning, countless night shifts, and a massive amount of coffee chugged down – then, it was finally time!

Breath in once… twice…

Is everything ready?

Yes, all set! Push the button!


Today, one year ago the Tomorrow Unlocked project went online. We were more than excited to create this new hub for technology culture and building a community of scientists, tech experts, enthusiasts, and artists. Now looking back at a year, which couldn’t have gone by quicker, we still have to grasp the achievements we and our community managed to accomplish. By working with incredible people and creating diverse content we published more than 252 content pieces on the Tomorrow Unlocked website and generated more than 500.000 hours watch time on our Youtube Channel.
Let’s have a look at our highlights!

Getting ready for the Unexpected

On July 8th an expedition to one of the most untouched places on earth set sails in the town of Petropavlovsk in Kamchatka headed towards the Kuril Islands to explore the environmental impact on this remote area of the earth, try first ascents and raise awareness for the protection of the islands. Tomorrow Unlocked accompanied the adventurers on their journey and reported on their insights, feeling, and challenges.

Scientist Rishi Sugla on how big data and machine learning can save places like the Kuril Islands by making us understand them better.

Revisit the crew’s stories #fromkurilswithlove.

If you fell in love with the Kuril Islands just like we did, help the scientists in preserving this beautiful place with your donation.


In August we introduced our very first web documentary series hacker:HUNTER by telling the infamous Carbanak story. An incredible heist that cost banks millions of dollars. A few weeks later we premiered the second documentary titled hacker:HUNTER – Wannacry: The Marcus Hutchins Story. An exclusive Tomorrow Unlocked documentary. Both documentaries have more than 2.345.500 views on YouTube today. Watch all episodes here.

Imagine Beyond

IT security expert Marco Preuss takes us all on a journey to unlock how tomorrow may look like in his web series Imagine Beyond. Marco talks with experts about how technology may shape our humanity in the future, and the potentials of human augmentation. We are at an exciting stage of evolution: What was science-fiction is now becoming fact and it is happening faster than most of us expected.

Dive into our augmented future with Marco!

Digitizing Art

Art is never easy. A work that fascinates and inspires one could insult and annoy the other. Social media offers creatives a perfect place to showcase their art to a completely different and international crowd. Street art in particular is a great example of this. In our web documentary Leaving the Underground we follow a group of artists to understand how technology and social media shape their art and made their creative movement possible.


With Covid-19 taking over the world and a lot of countries in lockdown 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us – but it also is one major historical moment we are all experiencing as a collective, be it in Russia, Germany, Nigeria or the US. We partnered up with The Community Creatives and asked creatives all over the world to capture one hour of their life in lockdown in a one-minute short film. In three rounds we managed to capture TWELVE minutes of history, creativity, and connection with entries from all over the globe, showing us that we are all the same with our fears and hopes.

Watch the finalists of the three rounds of TWELVE.

Discover the world of TWELVE in our interactive world map.

Heroes of tomorrow!

In a world where everything becomes more digital and intertwined it has become more important to protect ourselves against hackers and cybercriminals. Our web series Defenders of Digital portraits heroes like Eva Galperin and Salvi Pascual, who take a dive into the dark side of the web and combat bad guys to protect our technological future. Meet our heroes on YouTube.

More to come!

We’re celebrating our first year of Tomorrow Unlocked on a high and are more than happy to walk into our second year with brand new ideas to inform, inspire, and enrichen you. Stay tuned and let’s unlock our future together.

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