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Every day, amazing people create incredible new things. Who would have thought five years ago, that 3D-printing could have a medical dimension and sooner or later we would be able to print internal organs? Some people obviously did. Otherwise, it wouldn't have become real.

Most pioneers don't wake up one day and think "I will now change the world!". They are people like you and me that had the right thought at the perfect moment. This section is portraying those people. Those who woke up wrote down an idea and have changed the world. And those who created a business and are still struggling to make their idea work, but have shown a potential to create a better planet.

The prevailing wisdom is that the fast pace of automation, digital change and AI (artificial intelligence) will soon leave most of us jobless. Talking with some of the most successful tech entrepreneurs around the world, not one agreed with this dark premonition. Rather, they pointed to a different kind of future we should prepare for.

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Create Tomorrow

AI won’t steal all our jobs – tech entrepreneurs predict something different.

With COVID-19, businesses have changed fast, but leaders see bigger changes coming.

Entrepreneurs in cutting-edge tech don't believe AI, robots and automation will replace all human jobs, leaving us nothing to do. A new two-part video series, The Future That Works, looks at how work is about to change beyond recognition.

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