The Tomorrow Unlocked Film Festival (TUFF) provides up-and-coming filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their creativity and tell engaging stories about how technology influences our lives now, and in the future.

From so many entries from around the world, the film industry jury awarded this year’s winners:

Terra CeneWINNER

Terra Cene is a remembrance of things past and an observation of the interconnected nature of our time on Earth.

Directed by: Nono Ayuso

Country: UK

Are you still there? – RUNNER UP

Are we really connected? A young man passes out on a Skype call during lockdown but can anybody find and save him before it’s too late? Are we really connected? Is the internet a tool for unity or separation?

Directed by: Monica Zamora

Country: Spain

The Artificial Revolution – RUNNER UP

An artist investigates the recent advancements in creative artificial intelligence to see if we’re approaching the end of art.

Directed by: Elyas Masrour

Country: US


A tech-savvy homeless girl creates a robot as a surrogate for her departed younger brother. Not everyone is happy with their partnership.

Directed by: Andy B Clarke

Country: Ireland

The InTEXTigator

Toronto Police help grieving widow Liz Brown solve her husband’s death. On the case: its newest recruit, Sherlock the AI.

Directed by: John Babu

Country: Canada

Cheat sheet for the princess

Cyber-actress Alena needs to impress in this movie role audition.

Directed by: Mikhail Salin

Country: Russia


She wants to be an actor. Tired of waiting, she amplifies her presence online. But the influencer life isn’t as easy as it looks.

Directed by: Ho Ting Yau

Country: Hong Kong

As long as I breathe

After the extinction of life on Earth, a man comes from space, looking for something amidst his delusions.

Directed by: Thiago Beckenkamp

Country: Brazil

Conversations with a monkey

Juan Siegman is an uninspired film director. He’s writing a science fiction script for his new film with the help of Ian, an anthropomorphic robot. 

Directed by: Grojo

Country: Spain


Paula is a young influencer who has organized a crazy new challenge. It consists of people trying to find out where she lives and calling the police before she drinks a glass of hydrochloric acid.

Directed by: Javi Prada 

Country: Spain