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A full week wearing a VR headset: What happened?

Our video picks: Don't try this at home, courtesy of Disrupt

One man spent 168 hours – a full week – in a VR headset. He came out with these insights. Crazy experiment or timely voyage?

Seven days in a VR headset

However you normally spend your week, there's probably a large chunk of it eating and sleeping. You may spend some time in nature, or maybe not. What if you could do it all in virtual reality? (Including the nature part.)

One man has gone to extreme lengths to show the possibilities of VR. Brought to you by 'off-world' YouTubers Disrupt, here's what happens when you live in the future for a week.

Create Tomorrow

Five best sci-fi TV shows predicting tech’s future

Videos we love: Five amazing sci-fi shows that predict the future of tech

Technology could go anywhere in future. We ask you, which of these five sci-fi on-demand TV shows predicts it best?

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Five of the most insightful COVID-19 documentaries

Videos we like: Documentaries on how COVID-19 changed our world

How much will our lives change after COVID-19? We look at five of the most powerful documentaries made during the pandemic.

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