Everybody knows happy evenings like these: sitting on the couch with friends, reminiscing about the old days and what the future might hold. Then one gets this brilliant idea which starts everyone raving about, because it is just what the world has been waiting for. As a matter of fact, you all wonder how you could have survived so far without it.

After you brainstormed, produced an arsenal of potential solutions and covered it from every angle imaginable, everyone goes home and the same counts for your ideas. However, some people out there did bring their random couch ideas to life and we simply can’t keep our favorite weird technological inventions from you.

Getting the kids out of bed

Same game, different day: your kids won’t wake up to go to school. The solution is so simple, yet so brilliant. Extreme bed shaker is a voice-activated… well… extreme alarm clock or as the creator calls it Wake Up Machine. You can build it into your kid’s bed and connect it to Alexa or any other smart device and then watch them being shaken out of bed. They might hate you a bit but you won’t stop laughing, so totally worth it.

Pushing the right buttons

Being in a relationship with a gamer is usually quite fun. But not when you want to spend some time together and your significant other ‘can’t pause the game’. 🙄 Students at the University of Art and Industrial Design Linz have the answer to your problem: The Massage Me. A hack which allows you to connect your PS3 controller with a massage vest so you can get your massage while your girlfriend / boyfriend continues his game. Win-win! Did we mention that you can DIY at home? Find the instructions here.


Smart Fashion

Get your life together with the smart jeans from SPINALI DESIGN. They connect to your smartphone and vibrate when you get notifications. You can also choose what kind of messages you want to receive on your jeans. So you don’t have to check your mobile every time Sarah sends you pictures of her kids – I mean, we get it, Sarah. Your kid is cute, but have you seen that adorable kitten trying not to fall asleep? – And the best part: the jeans are compatible with maps. If you need to take a left turn, your jeans will vibrate on the left and if you need to take a right turn, they will vibrate on the right. The future is now!

Mini Mini Desktop USB Washing Machine

Be honest. How often do you actually wash your glasses, rings, buttons or any other mini stuff on your desk? If you’re anything like me, not that often or maybe even never. But behold, a little tiny helper was designed to make our things cleaner and probably less disgusting: The Mini Mini Desktop USB Washing Machine. All you need is water and the washing party can start. Watch as your things get swirled around and cleaned. Looks like magic but it is just simple technology.


Ever went on a jog and then this deep craving for tomatoes just instantly occurs? Then Tomatan is the robot for you! This little robot has a cute tomato-shaped head with a dashing red skin, sits on your shoulders and with just one simple push of a button, he feeds you – drumroll – tomatoes! 🍅 If you haven’t been the talk of the town yet, you definitely will be now. Not because everyone is making fun of your new shoulder-sitting buddy, but because of honest envy. I mean, who doesn’t want some tomatoes to keep that energy level high while working out?