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hacker:HUNTER Cashing In, Episode Two

Create Tomorrow

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Spicing up the supermarket in our future-focused tech series

Food retail has always been an earlier adopter of transforming technologies. As most of us are open to anything that makes the everyday more fun and interesting, supermarkets are ideal places to experiment with innovative tech. Which unexpected technological items will we see next in the bagging area? Fast Forward audio doc episode 2 explores the aisles.

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Create Tomorrow

Today’s data storage owes the audiocassette a debt

It began when one inventor cut a wooden template to the size of his pocket

Inventor of the audiocassette Lou Ottens' death at age 94 in early 2021 gave media and technology fans everywhere a chance to stop and think. In the age of Musks and Zuckerbergs, it's easy to forget how much Ottens changed the game. New audio series Fast Forward explores how we can explore technology's future by looking to the past.

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