Data Privacy Week (January 24 -28) is an international campaign from the National Cybersecurity Alliance about privacy, trust, and protecting data. This year’s event encourages people to own their privacy by learning how to protect their online data. Check out our favorite films about digital privacy.

Did You Know Others Can Read Your Emails?  | Tomorrow Unlocked

ProtonMail is hoping to change privacy expectations for the tools we use to communicate. In this episode of Tomorrow Unlocked series Defenders of Digital, Bart Butler reveals why your email isn’t as secure as you think and what to do about it.

Getting your piece of the data economy | Freethink

Nearly everything we do — the songs we listen to, the shows we watch, heck, even just walking down the street — now results in creating data. That’s why Angela Benton founded Streamlytics, a company that allows consumers to see who is harvesting your data, how it’s being used — and how to get your cut.

Data Privacy – Who Cares? With Amelia Dimoldenberg | Dave

Data is now the world’s most valuable asset, Amelia Dimoldenberg investigates whether we should be worried about tech companies selling our data and what data the public thinks is acceptable to share.

Should police be allowed to use phone tracking tech? | Tomorrow Unlocked

Freddy Martinez, Executive Director of The Lucy Parsons Labs in Chicago, has helped rewrite US privacy legislation. He explains how law enforcement can use ‘stingrays’ to identify and track you through your phone, and their legal campaign against this infringement led to rewriting US privacy laws.

Is Your Privacy An Illusion? (Taking on Big Tech) – Smarter Every Day 263

Destin Sandlin is an engineer and co-founder of 4Privacy, an end-to-end encryption platform. He explains the current privacy situation, how we got here, and what we can do to push back. 

Defenders of Digital – Episode 5: Kira Rakova

“I have nothing to hide so why should I care?” That’s what many think. But it’s not just about wanting to hide online. While most of us know privacy is important, we can’t always protect ourselves.

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