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Will robots one day satisfy our need for love?

Look into the future of pleasure, lust and connection

Until now, scientists and developers have pushed to discover whether artificial intelligence can love humans, and vice versa. Welcome to the age of robot relationships.

AI loves me; AI loves me not

In Steven Spielberg's 2001 blockbuster science fiction film A.I. Artificial Intelligence, a highly advanced robot boy pursues a loving foster human who abandoned him. At the time it seemed far fetched. Today, it looks more like reality.

Imagine Beyond: Build me Somebody to Love looks at how AI is changing the way we look at love, lust and human connection. Could you marry a robot? Will a hunk of metal look after you in your dying days? Let's see how human machines could become.

Every year, the first Friday of March is Employee Appreciation Day. Here are five TED Talks that will boost gratitude and morale at work:

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Create Tomorrow

The next industrial revolution looks promising

Smart factories could fight climate change and save lives

When COVID-19 hit, manufacturers worldwide raced to build as many ventilators as possible for patients. But traditional factories throughout the globe couldn't fulfill the demand fast enough. With traditional and automated manufacturing processes still not as efficient as we need, could autonomous factories be the next industrial revolution we've been waiting for?

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